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Essential Tips for Traders

Trading in the financial market is not as easy as it sounds. The process goes through different kinds of terms and conditions that bring its own events into place. Due to that, one needs to explore all that it has to offer to be able to make good use of the same. To get started on this front, you require a few tips that can take things forward and help you out to a considerable extent. So read the following points and move ahead to explore trading.

A Plan of Action

While it might sound to be simple, having a plan in place is as essential as avoiding risks. A proper plan of action is meant to take you forward and help you move across different kinds of obstacles that come along the way of trading. Since the financial market is no stranger to obstacles and risks, you need to know all about it before entering the market. For that purpose, you require a proper plan of action that works well on all counts.

Facts Before Rumours

The process of trading is going to be struck with all kinds of rumors that inform you about the stocks that you need to buy and what kind of currency pairs that you need to own. Following such aspects will not necessarily put you on top, nor will it bring about a difference. Due to that, you need to follow the facts and move ahead by acknowledging the truth of the matter.

Guidance or Expert Advice

You cannot possibly capture trading in a fortnight as the process is expansive and difficult to master within a short span of time. For that purpose, you need to bring an expert into the picture and explore the things that they have to talk about. Apart from courses and programs, there are also numerous trading platforms that help in getting things started. MetaTrader 4 is one among them and is widely known as the best metatrader 4 broker.

Know When to Stop

Trading might be a continuous process, but one should never treat it like that. There has to be a stop sign that talks about the trade that you should not follow. While taking risks is always a part of the job, you need not go all out in case you are not sure about the same. To evaluate the risks, understand them, and then move ahead to frame rules that also inform you to stay away from trading when the time is not right.


Exploring these tips will help you get started on trading and move along to achieve the goals that you want to achieve. So go ahead and explore the same to the fullest.

A Brief Walkthrough on Pay Slips

Pay Slips are also called Salary slips and are an essential document for governmental and non-governmental employees of a country. It is essentially a document that comprises of all the components of a salary, along with information regarding the details of employment. Payslips are issued to the employee by the government companies or private employers every month, either through a hard copy or an electronic copy of the same. Ideally, a payslip comprises of the following:

  • Company logo
  • Company address and details
  • Company name

Who gets a payslip?

A payslip or a salary slip, as the name suggests, is issued to the employees of the company that are salaried every month. An employer or an organization is responsible for issuing them for their employees. However, some smaller companies and start-up businesses do not issue payslips to their employees. In such cases, a hard copy of the salary certificate is an essential alternative.

Payslip format

Payslip format for an employee varies from one company to another. A basic template of a payslip comprises of the following:

  • Company name, logo and address
  • Salary slip of the month and the year
  • Employee name, code, department and designation in detail
  • Employee Bank account number and other details, depending on the country and the company
  • EPF account number or the universal account number
  • Effective working days, total working days and the number of leaves taken
  • Gross pay and new pay

Apart from these, some of the countries like Pakistan also comprise of the details on pension and payments of the same, as issued by the Pifra.

Basic components of a payslip

  • The income and the earnings that comprise of the basic salary, house rent allowances, performance and special allowances, dearness allowances, other essential allowances.
  • Deductions that include the EPF, The professional taxes, the tax-deductable, and their source.

The importance of a salary slip

A salary slip for an employer and an employee holds more weightage than just a governmental or a non-governmental document. Some of their importance includes:

  • Proof of employment: This serves as legal proof of employment for the company.
  • Availing loans and credit cards: Since it contains the monthly salary of a person, it is also a key factor that mainly determines the debt obligations.
  • Further employment opportunities: Possessing knowledge about the various components of a salary slip and their deductions can help in the easy assessability of future job opportunities.
  • Income tax planning: Many components of a salary slip comprise of the different tax treatments. Possessing a play slip will help in planning all the taxes and tax returns.

How to Speed Up Your DBS Checks

A Disclosure and Barring Service, aka DBS, check, is a process of determining and analyzing a person’s past. It mainly focuses on any convictions, reprimands, cautions, and warning that a person may have received in the past. When an individual applies for any job, a DBS check makes sure that the candidate has a clean history for any convictions. It can be taken for an adult as well as a child based on the type of job role offered by a firm. DBS provides full disclosure of a person’s legal background, which takes place in a soft intelligence conducted by police. Sometimes, even after not committing a particular offense, the police may acquire information that can affect the person’s suitability for a particular job role.

Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) and CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks were merged in 2012 by the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. The new background check is called DBS Check. There are three types of DBS Checks – basic level disclosure, Standard level disclosure, and Enhanced level disclosure, each of them takes place depending on the type of job and duties in question. If you want to get your DBS check quickly to acquire the job position you are dreaming of occupying, here is what to do.

Apply online

Today, you can apply for a DBS check online, which can speed up your application process. Online forms are much better than posting your application as they can reach directly to the office rather than getting lost in a postal way. You can apply for a DBS check online 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.

Get the documents ready

The application form will require a lot of information from your bills to your house agreements. Make sure that you are ready with every necessary information before you start filling your form to be quick in completing the application. You will also require the National Insurance number, address history of five years, and details of name changes with a date if you have changed your name.

Use an automated checking system

If you send any wrong information for DBS checking, it can take days and weeks to raise a query and get it verified. Make sure that you enter all the information properly. For this, you can use an online system that can check the information simultaneously while you fill your form. The online DBS system will not allow you to send your application unless all the information in the form is correct. This will save you extra time by reducing the chances of mistakes.

Find a reliable agency

There are many agencies that offer to submit the application for checking on the same day of applying. You need a company that can process your DBS check immediately to get speedy results. Instead, if you choose the postal process, your application will take a few days to arrive at the DBS. With an online system, you can receive your notification for DBS check in your email as soon as the check is complete.

Forex Vs. Stock Trading: Choosing the Right One for You

Both the forex and stock markets are credible ones that tend to help investors meet their demands and evaluate their needs. With the involvement of strategies, these markets also help you rise and achieve your goals and objectives. But for that purpose to true kickoff, one needs to choose one from the lot and focus on the same. So to help you make that decision, here’s what to consider to choose either one of these markets.

1. Leverage

The inclusion of leverage is a unique addition that newcomers can use and profit if they are aware of how to take things ahead. As a result, when you compare the same for these markets, forex comes out as the winner as the market offers substantially higher leverage of up to 50:1. Since that figure also goes higher for other forex markets, one can get an idea of the benefits that come from the market of currencies. Due to that, the forex market takes the lead on this front.

2. The Process of Trading

The basis of trading in both these markets is different, and the stock market comes equipped with various rules. With trading sessions also being a part of the same, the stock market’s guidelines restrict a flexible form of trading. On the other hand, the forex market scores again as it is known to be the 24-hour market. Yes, that’s right. They tend to operate round the clock, and you will be able to make the most out of the same.

3. Market Size

The different pairs of currencies that exist in the forex market will give you an idea of the international appeal it has over the world. But the same cannot be said for the stock market because it tends to operate on a national level. So the factor of size varies, and the bigger picture is quite understandable. If one has to go further, then the inclusion of bots or automated trading is another beneficial point. But you cannot consider the benefits without a review. So read all about the Forex Flex EA review and learn more about the same.

4. Liquidity

Since stocks are limited in supply, the aspect of liquidity mostly goes to the forex market. While blue-chip stocks have many shares and high liquidity, penny stocks have low availability and, thus, low liquidity. Although currencies are finite in supply, they tend to bring out the aspect of being infinite when one goes to trade the same under adequate economic conditions.

Hence, when you sum up the points mentioned above, you will be left with an understanding that qualifies the forex market to take the lead over the stock market.

How Can You Qualify for a Small Business loan?

Business loan

Owning a company is different from running it successfully. When you are starting a small business, you need to have a well-thought-out plan that needs to be executed. Anyone with money in hand can kickstart a venture, but for it to be profitable, you need to put a whole lot of effort.  Small businesses are no different from the big ones when considering the finance that comes into play.

Search a high quality business directory if you need to find opportunities in your niche.

Most people tend to apply for a loan when they want to start their business and fail to repay it due to the lack of profits. Lending money from banks for your business isn’t a bad idea as long as your plan is effective. If you are confident with your business strategies, you can go for the loans, but you need to know how it functions and what the lender’s requirements are. Here are a few steps that you need to follow in order to qualify for a small-business loan.

1.      Your Personal and Business Credit Scores

Building your score is crucial in bagging that loan; so, you need to make sure that everything you do contributes to your score. The amounts owed on credit cards, the duration of your credit, recent credit inquiries, type of credit being used, and the payment history are the factors that determine your FICO score. When you apply for a small-business loan, your skills to manage debt will also be assessed by the lenders through your personal credit score. Make sure to pay your bills on time to build your score, and this could go haywire at times as well due to the errors in the credit report. Get a copy of your credit reports every year to check for any inaccuracies. Both personal credit score and business credit score will need to be great for the traditional banks to lend you SBA loans or any other type of loan for your business.

Business Credit Scores

2.      Minimum Qualifications of the lender

You always stand a chance in getting the loan sanctioned when all the minimum qualifications of the lender have been met. Underperformance in a particular area and the overperformance in another may offer you the flexibility in some instances. However, it is always best to meet the minimum requirements so that the lender is pleased with your idea. A minimum criterion has to be met by the borrowers in terms of the credit score they earn, and if that falls short of the expectations, the lender is likely to reject the application.

3.      Collection of Financial and Legal Documents

Several legal and financial documents will be required during the application for a loan. If they haven’t been maintaining a certain standard, the lenders can reject your application after the qualitative analysis. Business licenses, balance sheet and income statement, income tax returns, commercial leases, personal and business bank statements, and articles of incorporation are some of the documents that are included in this list. If you need the money soon, this method might not work; so, you will have to apply for online loans that pay you faster, unlike the traditional banks that have time-consuming procedures.

How to Choose Stocks for Investment


Money runs the world today, and nothing but the printed currency can buy you what you want. If you want to anchor a position for yourself in this capital-driven world, saving and investing are the only practical methods. Starting from rags and growing up to a billionaire is a story for another day. Here, we are focusing on the psyche of an average employee from the working class. Everyone needs to take one step at a time towards financial stability, and saving should be your prime concern in the early days of your life. Once you have acquired a certain amount of money in your account, you need to start investing in some lucrative plan.

One of the first ideas that pop up in the head of almost every earning person would be that of stocks, but most of them would be equally sceptical about it. Not many youngsters know how the investment in stocks is made or what it can bring as returns. Once these people gain an understanding of its functioning, the next question that lingers is about the selection of particular stock to invest in. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the right stocks.

1.      Homework is Required

When people start investing in stocks, most of them go for the ones that have the potential to rise into a successful venture. The dividends that you get paid for the investment you make is a factor that needs to be considered when picking a particular stock. If you plan to hold on to that investment for a long time, you need to do your homework before opting for it.


2.      Learn About the Earnings Growth

Look through a company’s growth since its founding year and check its history of achievements. If the earnings have been increasing with time, you can set one foot over that, and check with the other companies that fare better than the current one. The dramatic increase in the revenue generation isn’t only the indicator of a good company; the ones that have been growing over the past few years with a gradual improvement in sales can also be added to your list of choices.

3.      Stability

One of the intrinsic features of the stock market is its volatility. Companies will eventually lose their value in the market at some point of time; so, the potential cannot be gauged with that possible downfall alone. Any company that falls along with every other business establishments and come back up soon with better strategies can be considered a good option. Learn about all the companies and invest in such enterprises that are resilient in nature.


4.      Relative Strength of the Company

When you are looking through the details of the company, an analysis of the relative position of that particular establishment in the industry is necessary. If the company fits into that industry and has a firm ground, you wouldn’t need to balk at the idea of investing in it.

5.      Debt-Equity Ratio

Debts cannot be the only parameter to check the stability of a company. Most MNCs and huge companies have debts; so, it is the debt-equity ratio that matters. Your choice of a stock investment should be in line with the norms of the industry under which that company falls. Pick the companies that have lower risk tolerance.

How to Plan Retirement Finances and Investments


By having no savings for your retirement, you are not securing yourself or your family for years ahead of you. Building a financial cushion to fund all your requirements is imperative right from the early stages. It may be a funny task to accept the fact that you are to retire after a certain age, and to add to the amusement of it, retirement requires planning. When planning for it, you need to start thinking about the age at which you are likely to stop working and the time you need to gather a certain amount of savings.

When investing money in any lucrative program, make sure that the concept of the program is a growing one. You can reap the benefits at a later age when you actually retire. But the part that comes as a surprise to many of these investors is the tax bills that get levied when the savings are withdrawn. All these factors have to be considered when planning savings for retirement. Here are a few steps that you must take to build a solid plan for your family after your retirement.


1.      Counting Every Minute on the Clock

It surely is a figure of speech, but you need to have a track of your time so that you know when to invest. The risk your portfolio can take will be higher when the time between today and retirement is longer. Stocks should be your major investment if you are in your 30s and have around 20-25 years left for your retirement. You may consider stocks to be a bad option due to its volatility, but it has always performed better than most of the other securities.

In order to maintain the purchasing power at the time of retirement, you need to get returns that outdo the inflation rate. This is very important since inflation can start out small and spread like wildfire all over your savings to burn down your money’s value over the years. When you are older, you need to focus on securities such as bonds. Break down your retirement plan into various components and check for yourself the areas that need to be covered at the moment.

2.      Spending Needs During Retirement

As the average life span of individuals as per the reports, everyone needs a robust retirement plan that can help the whole family. By determining the potential expenses during retirement, you can have a vague idea of what you will need. When considering the expenses, make sure that you aren’t omitting the extra healthcare costs and travel expenses. You could have plans to go on trips, which can be quite costly. Deduct charges that are likely to be imposed on you after the retirement and start investing accordingly. Since living expenses are increasing every day, the contingencies need to be added to your list. Additional money might be required if you haven’t paid off the mortgage or you want to pay for your children’s education.

The Right Way of Providing Investor Updates


With the uncertainty in the economy rising every day, businesses are plummeting into a different stage. Much like the current global condition of the pandemic, the economy is also facing an unprecedented state. Investors become morose by the minute since the value of companies are crashing, and the products are being accessed less often. As the online services are being focussed more these days, the other companies can find it difficult to cope up with the status quo. All investors are interested in getting updates regarding the business and the profits they are making. Some investors are even hell-bent on being updated about the financial status and deals every week.

Venture investments will have its pros and cons, and you have to face all that it entails when you are running the business. Once the investors have put money into the business, they will get involved in its deals, offer advice, suggest strategies, foster business development relations, and refer key hires. By providing them updates, you can get information regarding the right opportunities and challenges as the investors study the sales, HR and corporate development information, and several other data. Although creating updates and reports for the investors can be a time-consuming and hassling task, it can be beneficial for your business in many cases. So, here are the right ways to approach the practice of sending updates to investors.


Use the Traffic Signal light Codes

Since the structure of the update is one of the most important factors, you need to focus on keeping that intact. You need to come to an agreement with the investors upon the timeline for sending the updates. By maintaining the updates, the investors are expecting you to increase your business and profits, and it can only be done by using a specific template. Green on the structure will indicate the feats you have achieved, and the yellow indicates the investments you are sceptical about. The red indicates the ones you are likely to fail at.

Making  Specific Requests

Through the updates, you must try to make necessary requests for help. Anything ranging from creating new business-development connections and fundraising assistance to hiring referrals can be mentioned in the reports in a conspicuous form. The investors will try and make a difference with these points if they note it. They might do it despite the lack of time; also, since every minute counts, present it in the best form so that the investor doesn’t need to sift through the details.

Specific Requests

Being Honest

Investors have the ability to comprehend the situation the right way; so, you should express your concerns at the right time. Every investor will expect a certain amount of updates every year, and if the number keeps dwindling, they can come to conclusions about the future of the company. Be transparent about your company’s progress in your updates so that the investor has an idea where things are going wrong. They could help you out with the situation if you mention the apprehensions and main concerns within the company.

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