How to Speed Up Your DBS Checks

A Disclosure and Barring Service, aka DBS, check, is a process of determining and analyzing a person’s past. It mainly focuses on any convictions, reprimands, cautions, and warning that a person may have received in the past. When an individual applies for any job, a DBS check makes sure that the candidate has a clean history for any convictions. It can be taken for an adult as well as a child based on the type of job role offered by a firm. DBS provides full disclosure of a person’s legal background, which takes place in a soft intelligence conducted by police. Sometimes, even after not committing a particular offense, the police may acquire information that can affect the person’s suitability for a particular job role.

Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) and CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checks were merged in 2012 by the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. The new background check is called DBS Check. There are three types of DBS Checks – basic level disclosure, Standard level disclosure, and Enhanced level disclosure, each of them takes place depending on the type of job and duties in question. If you want to get your DBS check quickly to acquire the job position you are dreaming of occupying, here is what to do.

Apply online

Today, you can apply for a DBS check online, which can speed up your application process. Online forms are much better than posting your application as they can reach directly to the office rather than getting lost in a postal way. You can apply for a DBS check online 24/7 from anywhere with an internet connection.

Get the documents ready

The application form will require a lot of information from your bills to your house agreements. Make sure that you are ready with every necessary information before you start filling your form to be quick in completing the application. You will also require the National Insurance number, address history of five years, and details of name changes with a date if you have changed your name.

Use an automated checking system

If you send any wrong information for DBS checking, it can take days and weeks to raise a query and get it verified. Make sure that you enter all the information properly. For this, you can use an online system that can check the information simultaneously while you fill your form. The online DBS system will not allow you to send your application unless all the information in the form is correct. This will save you extra time by reducing the chances of mistakes.

Find a reliable agency

There are many agencies that offer to submit the application for checking on the same day of applying. You need a company that can process your DBS check immediately to get speedy results. Instead, if you choose the postal process, your application will take a few days to arrive at the DBS. With an online system, you can receive your notification for DBS check in your email as soon as the check is complete.

How to Speed Up Your DBS Checks

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